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August 2018
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Summer Fun is Just Around the Corner

Published By Nhi Nghe

The school year is winding down which means it’s soon to be the start of summer. Although the weather is less than perfect, people are still excited and plans are underway. Of course the seniors get out nearly two weeks before everyone else, which means they get a head start on their vacation. Some seniors take advantage of this free time by taking summer college courses before they actually enter in the fall. Other seniors may start picking up a job to pay for tuition, or others choose to just relax their mind or party up until they become a freshman all over again. Continue reading Summer Fun is Just Around the Corner

Blood Donation Restriction Based on Sexual Orientation

Published By Kathryn Ong

Fortunately for patients in the hospitals who are relying on strangers’ blood, many people willingly donate their own. However, for the safety of the recipients, the blood donors go through a screening process. They have to fill out a questionnaire outlining their personal health history, including diseases, any recent piercing /tattoos, prostitution, and even sexual past. If any male had sexual intercourse, at least once, with another male after 1977, the said male cannot donate blood. Continue reading Blood Donation Restriction Based on Sexual Orientation

Influenced Teen’s Behind The Wheel

Published By Rikka Quinanola

Drinking is a popular activity within the teenage community. The high school years are usually when alcohol really kicks in. It’s where hobbies are dropped and habits are picked up. Continue reading Influenced Teen’s Behind The Wheel

Dinner is Served

Published By Floyd Neal

Summer is almost here, the sun is out and school is almost out. The heat that is destined to come within the next month will make people’s mouths water and crave delicious food and something cool to wash it down with. Continue reading Dinner is Served

Street Musicians at Folklife

Published by Saki Hineno

The Northwest Folklife Festival is a folk event with ethnic and traditional art, and was held at Seattle Center from May 28th through 31st. Among many professional artists playing on the stages set by Folklife, amateur street musicians were trying so hard to get people’s attention. Some were just playing instruments, and no one paid attention to them. Others gathered a lot of audiences, and were applauded after each song. Their skill in music and songs were not as good as professionals, but they put a great deal of effort into attracting listeners. Some things that the artists had in common was that they were wearing interesting clothes and shoes, dyeing hair or changing their hairstyles in unusual shapes, face painting, decorating their instruments, and bringing in dancers. Some musicians would say that’s their style as same as what they do daily. Even if they make great songs, that’s nothing if there is no person to recognize them as musicians, listen to their songs. Continue reading Street Musicians at Folklife